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Massage Services

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot stones are gently placed on parts of your body during your massage to relieve muscle tension and pain. Many people find lasting benefits of reduced stress and anxiety with this popular therapy.

Body Table Massage

A full body massage, or a specific body area massage on a specially designed table for relaxing and realigning well-being is a favorite for many. Full body massage is a whole-body relaxation that helps you be your best self.

Combo Massage

30-minute body/30 minute feet – This is a wonderful back and foot massage that is deeply relaxing and therapeutic. Hard working feet feel new and refreshed after this combo massage.

Thai Massage

This is a unique massage that combines acupressure, Ayurveda and assisted yoga into a massage that is designed to stretch and massage your body. It is very popular for its overall well-being principles and the lasting peaceful effects.

Deep Tissue or Light Touch Massage

You choose how much pressure you need in your massage. Deep Tissue is designed to work out knots and stress spots that are regularly tensed on the innermost muscles. Light Touch is a lighter and gentle massage on your body, designed to gently soothe the sore places and bring tranquility.

Walk on Back Massage

This massage is an ancient technique known as Ashiatsu-meaning “foot pressure.” Your massage therapist holds on to special bars above to balance and give a luxurious back massage.

Sports Massage

This massage is done by our professionals to target sports injury or chronic overworked muscles. We target your specific issues with any part of the body. We give attention to the important healing you need as an athlete to help improve performance.

CBD Oil Massage

 CBD Oil was recently legalized, and users experience relief from arthritis and other aches & pains, plus better sleep at night. Our specifically-formulated lotion gets expertly kneaded into your problem areas.

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